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PUMA 503 - The Self Propelled Milling Crusher

Milling, crushing and mixing with one device and in one cycle!
This unique and innovative mode of operation makes the PUMA 503 unbeatably cost efficient! A working chain of two PUMAs, a grader and a vibrating roll can finish up to 60! km of dustroad in only one day.

The PUMA 503 is multifunctional. It can be used in road construction and maintenance, removing old roadscrush or soft asphalt as well as for landscaping, cleaning areas from rocks and preparing a terrain for agricultural purposes.

The PUMA 503 is a real cougar. The device has been developed for hard work on forest roads in the Alps of Austria. Operation efficiency has been tested under the hot, humid and dusty conditions of Mozambique. In over ten years of experience the PUMA 503 has become the undisputable leader among peers.

The PUMA 503 not only offers the cheapest but also the most time-effective way to consturct a road. The grain-size distribution curve is adjustable. Due to this fact the milled gravel can be adopted either for fundament construction or for the top layer of a road. Furthermore it is extremy fast. Working gear speeds up to 6.5 km/h. No additonal matirial is needed to construct a solid road. So slow and expensive transport of gravel becomes unnecessary.

PUMA 503 - Mode of Operation

The PUMA 503 is a very ”easy“ organized machine:

  • Easy to handle and to operate.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Easy to transport.

The core breakthrough
The breaker chamber unites two systems on one rotor: a series of chisels and breaker tools combined with the hydraulic movable breaker lid are crushing material of any hardness to pieces.

With its four breaker borders and the remotely controled hydraulic braker lid, it is possible to exactlly adjust the final grain-size distribution curve. The milling process results in different particles, sized from 0.5 up to 70 mm and mixes them with the natural fine portion, according to the grading curve. The cicels can be replaced without any special tools. A simple hammer will do the job.

Spare parts and components of the PUMA 503 are sellected very carefully. The 503 HP Mercedes-Benz turbo diesel engine with charge air-cooling guarantees optimum energy and fuel consumption. Its filters, lubrication and hydrolic fluids are optimized in order to meet the needs of the sub-sahra environemental conditions.

High ergonomy standards match with the high-performance machine. A comfor table air-cushioned seat provides the driver with excelent overview. The sound insulation and good ventilation assure a userfriendly working environement. Radio and air conditioning are avaliable extras.

Constructor – Patents
The fabrication is registered at the Austrian Industrial Design and also has the patent for the USA and Europe.

Weight and Measurements  
Dead weight
17.000 kg
Length / Width / Height
7.500 / 2.600 / 3.100 mm
Wheel base 5.150 mm
Track width 2.052 mm
Ground clearance 400 mm
Turning radius 6,9 m
Lateral shift milling/crushing device 300 mm to each side
Tank volume 650 l
Propulsion drive  
Hydrostatic by means of manual transmission 1st gear 4,9km/h, 2nd gear 14,4km/h
Axle drive by means of cardan shafts Four-wheel drive Automatically shifted
Front and rear axle steering Manufacturer : Claus
Tire dimensions 18.04.26
Manufacturer Mercedes Benz
Type OM 442 LA V8 turbo + charge air
Displacement/motor speed 14.62 / 2.000
Output according to DIN 372 kW (503 PS)
Electrical Equipment – 24V / Hydraulic system  
Hydrostatic propulsion drive Variable delivery pump, constant motor
Operating hydraulics Gear pump 66 l/min 210 bar
Ventilator drive Gear pump 58 l/min 210 bar
Steering pump Gear pump 28 l/min 210 bar
Hydraulic oil tank 180 l
Oil cooler 9 kW
  Forward/backward, movement, driving speed, raise/lowerdevice,
open/close crushing chamber, lateral shift left/right
Shifting 1st gear, 2nd gear Electro-hydraulic
Rotor on/off Electro-hydraulic
Differential lock Electro-hydraulic
Breake system Hydraulic – independent breakes
Driver seat air conditioned, filter cooler, radio Noise emission (cab) 73 dB (A)